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Senin, 04 Maret 2013

The right time for a coffee

Ane one who likes (like but not an addict, or an addict but not acute * hammer *). However, only limited instant coffees. Sometimes because the coffee is very counter once the disease not want to go from Ane is 'ulcer', then Ane so thinking, when sich actually the right time to drink coffee???

Research led by Professor Charles Spence of the Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University has revealed surefire formula to bring the benefits of coffee. The recipe was then given the name of the Elevens.

Elevens Formula is a combination of elements of F (flavors), E (environment), P (places), C (Copy), T (time) and M (moment). Professor Chrales then incorporate each element into the formula: M = 0.5 x F + (0.5 x E + 0.3 x P x C + + 12:15 0:05 XT.
From the results of his research, Professor Spense revealed at 11 am is the best time to present a warm cup of coffee. These results are then written in a report entitled 'Changing Tastes. " This book helps explain how researchers realize the importance of external factors such as environment, interpretation of thoughts about taste and enjoyment.

"Formula describes how to create the perfect moment for serving coffee at home and office. We understand time affect the taste," he said.
He also saw the condition of the motor sensor helped influence the interpretation of taste while enjoying coffee, food or other drinks.

Meanwhile, Kevin Gould, Food Futurologist said research done by Professor Spense is very important in order to find true pleasure when eating food or drink.
In general, almost most of us consume coffee when feeling sleepy. Coffee contains stimulants (caffeine) that can stimulate the brain (central nervous system) drinker, so he felt the freshness and get extra energy to do activities.

However, the content of caffeine in coffee was found to inhibit the absorption of iron. Iron is a major component of hemoglobin, the blood component that serves to bind oxygen from the lungs and distribute it to the body's cells. In other words, iron is essential for cell respiration. Iron deficiency anemia can lead you. If you are affected by anemia, the body becomes weak, lethargic and your productivity is reduced. Women are very vulnerable group affected by anemia. However, absorption of iron from food by the body only about 10-15% only. So the presence of substances that can interfere with iron absorption is very significant for the availability of iron to the body.

So what should you do? You love your coffee but also women / men who had anemia ... and tasks pile up anyway! The experts found an after dinner we drank a cup of iron absorption would fall by 39% compared to if you do not drink coffee after a meal. This effect will be increased if the amount of coffee consumed also increased.

However, if the coffee drink 1 hour before a meal, the rate of iron absorption is normal and is not susceptible to interference. But do not drink coffee one hour after eating, because the caffeine in coffee may still affect the absorption of iron.

So if you eat lunch at 12, most secure you a cup of coffee at 2 pm. So painstakingly iron you eat at the lunch menu can be completely absorbed by the body, and can be used to help your productivity at the office and work.